Me, My Photos and I

sony and me

I have developed quite a taste for photography since I’ve been here. It started with the digital camera that my parents bought for me before I flew out. My father takes the buying of technology very seriously and spent considerable time reviewing and looking up info for each of the compact cameras that were available at the time. The one that he and I finally settled on was the little Sony (in silver not pink, though I was very tempted).

So most of the photos I will be posting were taken with this small but very effective (in my opinion) Sony Cybershot. I sometimes use my husband’s fancy changable-lens Pentax, but sadly it’s out of commission at the moment after being dropped onto the tile floor by the beasts.

I’d love to be all fancy, like the more professional photographers, and tell you what settings and lenses I used for each photo but in all truth I usually can’t remember.

I’ll gradually be posting a selection of my favorite photos from the last couple of years. It’s a good opportunity to sort out and re-arrange all the jumbled up photo folders on my computer for one thing.  Hopefully each photo will have a story, but I may post some (ones that I am particularly proud of) on their own and let the image speak for itself.

So to start with let me show you some photos I took of what is, probably, one of the most iconic tourist attractions on the globe:

Cristo Redentor or Christ the Redeemer.

Cristo Redentor

Cristo RedentorCristo Redentor

Cristo Redentor

[Click on the photos to get full sized images]

I wanted to take pictures that were a little different from the same old tourist shots of the statue, so I concentrated on picking out some of the details. I especially liked how the sun and shadows were working on the hands and face.

A view from Cristo Redentor

A beautiful way to view Rio. If you zoom in you can just make out what was our bedroom window.

The last photo is of one of the views from the top of Corcovado, the mountain in the middle of Rio de Janeiro, where the statue is situated. If you look closely you will see a channel running from the lagoon to the sea. Just to the left of that is where I was living at that time.


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  1. Very nice. I like the different view point in those images.

  2. midaevalmaiden

    You sure live in a beautiful location. Your camera must have a great zoom feature, to get the face like that. I love photos that show unusual angles.

    • It has. For a little camera the zoom is surprisingly good. I actually don’t live in Rio anymore. We moved to Sergipe in north east Brazil just over a year ago. It was fun in Rio, being able to see the christ statue from my bedroom. Made me think ‘wow’ everyday.

  3. Beautiful. I like the sun and shadows too, very creative.

    I’d love to visit Brazil. One day, one day. South America Is the one continent I’ve not been to.

    • It’s a great place to have a holiday. The pace of life here is much slower than I was used to. People don’t rush, it’s considered ok to sit and just relax in the sun, on a beach, in a cafe or bar. I hear that São Paulo is a little less relaxed, but I haven’t had a chance to go there and see for myself yet.

  4. Stunning images.

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