I’m Back!

When I started this blog I said I’d try to keep it afloat. Well, that didn’t really happen (I got sucked back into my cat blog again). Anyone who’s read my other blog recently will know that I have had to make a tough decision this week and because of that my cat blog will probably slow down a lot for the time being. I will try to get this one up to speed in order to feed my blogging habit. I’ve had some ideas for a few posts, and also, I have lots of plans for the next 12 months so that should give me things to write about on here (I’ve decided that the best thing to do now is to keep busy).

I’ll put some more photos on here soon. I have a collection of nice pictures of my travels from the last couple of years. Then hopefully, I will have some good things to report about my current goals. I may even post a tick list so you can all support me (give me a kick up the arse!) if you don’t see those ticks appearing. I am one of the world’s most accomplished (or least accomplished, depending on how you look at it) procrastinators!

I’m writing a proper blog post at the moment. This is just a re-hello after Mrs O. of Team Oyeniyi linked to my atheist/morals post  and reminded me that I do in fact have a second blog!
Thank you Mrs O! 🙂


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  1. You are welcome, Mrs Gringa! 😆

    I remembered your article and thought it was related. I’m still trying to get the book myself!

  2. midaevalmaiden

    welcome back, from one procrastinator to another. I wasnt gonna read my cat subscriptions just yet, but now you have me curious and worried. I hope you and your family are all ok? Ill have to catch up on the kitties.

    • Hi. Yes, we’re all ok…well, we will be. It’s just a really hard situation at the moment.
      I’ve been really behind on my subscriptions too. I’m trying to catch up a bit this weekend AND finish at least one new post for this blog! I’m still procrastinating – it’s ridiculous!

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