The header says it all really. I’m a 30 something year old girl (woman?) living in North East Brazil. This blog is about my life here as ‘a gringa’ and about me in general, what I like, what I think, what I do.

a gringa: the foreigner (f), portuguese

  1. Have a great time in Brazil. I was there in 2005 and loved every moment. Spent a great amount of time roaming Rio and relaxing on the beach of Cabo Frio.

    • I lived for some months in Rio before we moved here to the North East. Rio was really fun, a great place to visit, but I prefer living where we do now. Overall, it doesn’t have the same excitement as Rio (I’d like to visit Santa Teresa again or go mooching around the hippy fairs), but there’s a lot less people, traffic and noise here and the beaches are nearly deserted.

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