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All Women Love Handbags

It is true, is it not? I’d like to profit from this fact!

These first posts are by way of an introduction. I’m trying to touch on all of the things promised in my header.

Life in a Foreign Land – Check



Poetry – Check

So now ‘Art & Crafts’.

Art and Design subjects were amongst my favorites at school. I then went on to study general Art & Design at college, but never actually put those skills to use in the real world. When I had my big upheaval and moved here I decided that I’d like to finally do something creative.

I knew I wanted to do something fabric based, then one day I happened to fall across this blog, U-Handblog by Lisa Lam of U-Handbag, and I fell in love. I adored her bag designs and tutorials and I decided that making bags and accessories was I wanted to do. I’ve enjoyed most of the crafts that I’ve toyed with over the years, but this is one that I think I can keep doing without getting bored (my attention span is pathetically short). Read the rest of this entry